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Students’ assigments 1º

In this page you can see different Works made by the students.

Index card about the Copper Age: it is an easy way to fix  important concepts such as the the basic vocabulary.

Index card, Copper Age

Index card, Copper Age

Trivial card model:

modelo ficha trivial

Download these presentations to improve your knowledge about Prehistory:

The Stone Age pdf: the main features of this period, from the characteristics of the first hominids to the skills they had,  their economic activities or their religious beliefs.


Homo Heidelbergensis pdf: a study of the Hominid known as Heidelbergensis, his features and his relation with the Homo Antecessor.



You can also download the presentations made by the students about Ancient History:


This is the wonderful mock-up of the Giza valley made by Pablo C:

maqueta egipto 1

maqueta egipto 2


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